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Wings of peace

New York is a city of extremes.

Because there is no other place on the planet where optimistic
expectations and dreams, unfulfilled hopes and longings come
No where else can you see the "country of unlimited possibilities"
more clearly expressed - and no city could provide a better
window through which Panja Jürgens captures in her
photographs, a kaliedscope of the ardent, yet elusive, dream of
mankind - peace.
Driving through New York, a "melting pot" of cultures, Panja
Jürgens documents the visions of peace, which each one of us
carries within ourselves.

Some expressed their ideals in poetic, often moving words, while
others reveal their hidden feelings and hopes by acting out.
Whether prostitutes or war veterans, people immaterial of
religions persuasion - they all put on the wings of peace for just
one moment and are carried away, leaving the troubles of
everyday life behind.