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They call themselfs Queens

In the eyes of the law and in our society in general, we are still categorized as strictly separate beings and treated
accordingly, not only on the basis of our skin color but as a result of our gender and religion as well. This rigid allocation of
roles is a major part of the dilemma we face much too often in our human interrelationships. It is senseless to try and
stamp out or level off the oppositions that determine us as human beings. We gain immeasurably when we are able to see
them as colors that augment one another through their complementary qualities and in that way allow the light to shine all
the brighter. We should learn to cultivate the human in ourselves - to accept and to live the feminine and masculine sides
that we all carry within us. Accepting the good in ourselves would set us free to be more tolerant in dealing with our fellow
human beings as well.